Cesar Chavez Day Festival & Parade
San Francisco


Title: Si Se Puede (Yes you can) Delores Huerta and Cesar Chavez

Inspiration: Cesar Chavez and Dolores Huerta were the co-

founders of the United Farm Workers UFW. I grew up during the

era of the Lettuce and Grape boycotts that Chavez and Huerta

organized. The bravery of these two people to work for justice is

an inspiration. I show them standing side by side as equals,

balancing the world between them. Red veins symbolizing the

blood humanity shares, travels like roots of a plant around the

grapes and lettuce and into the space surrounding our spinning

planet. The UFW United Farmworkers symbol is behind them (the

symbol was drawn by Chavez's brother). They are backed by a

halo/sun embellished with drawings of floral vines etched out of

the metal leaf. Their rallying cry of Si Se Puede (yes you can)

floats above them.

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