Main Stage Line Up

Xiuhcoatl Danza Azteca 12:00 - 12:15

Xiuhcoatl Danza Azteca is based out of the Mission District of San Francisco under Jefe and Jefa Miguel and Irma Martinez. 

Dia Pa Son 12:20 - 1:05

 DíaPaSon (thee-ah pah sohn) translation= “Day for Son (Son Day)” and “Fret board” DíaPaSon is a collective of artists who are practitioners of folk music and dance, particularly the son jarocho, in the interest of promoting and preserving these cultural treasures. Gathered by María de la Rosa, these artists are active in the rich sonero community of the Bay Area and have collectively and individually studied the son art form with internationally renowned master artists of son jarocho and recently collaborated with them to create new repertoire. DíaPaSon often enjoys the privilege of having master artists from Mexico perform as guests in its programs.

Each experience of DíaPaSon is a poly-rhythmic delight of lyric and melodic improvisation. Voices accompanied by primarily stringed and percussive handmade instruments of natural materials create a dynamic, rustic sound that tells tales of love (including courtship), happiness and the beauties of life as well as injustice, loss and death. Hundreds of years old, the son jarocho is a living, contemporary art form that continues to evolve with time and under the influences of trans-cultural exchange and inter-generational dialogue.

DíaPaSon (at one time known as SonRisas) has appeared on stages throughout California including: Oakland Museum of CA, DeYoung Museum, Mexican Heritage Plaza, La Peña and others including opening for Son de Madera at the 2nd annual San Francisco Son Jarocho Festival at the Brava Theater. As individual artists, the members have also guested in programs in Mexico. 

Be prepared to get up and dance, be invited to sing a coro, or just simply sit back and enjoy a sonorous trip to Mexico! 

Rolando Morales Group Featuring Carlos Reyes 1:20 - 2:10

Enjoy a rare concert and dance to the World Class Rolando Morales Group featuring the funky bassist to Gregg Rolie and Airto, Gary Brown; from The Whispers and Chaka Khan, the amazing drummer Richie Aguon; the Grammy-winning Latin percussionist-vocalist from Venezuela, the powerful Omar Ledezma; the wonderful keyboardist from Spearhead, Bob Crawford; special guest from Paraguay, the thrilling violinist from Arturo Sandoval and Steve Miller, Carlos Reyes; and the powerful Rolando Morales leading the journey on guitar, guitar synthesizer and vocals.  

Pellejo Seco 2:25 - 3:10


Pellejo Seco is sometimes described as a world fusion band, because you can hear a hint of flamenco there, a smidge of hip-hop there. “I’ve tried to stay outside of jazz,” composer and tresero Ivan Camblor says, “to conserve the son tradition.  As a composer I want to concentrate on that.  I do use some jazz and some other elements, but I use them in the service of traditional cuban son.  We’re really a traditional son septet.  I play mostly my own compositions, I don’t have to play standards.  When people hear my songs they recognize the sound, they feel the accent of the son septet.  On Facebook they say things like “Cuidado, ¡esa gente tiene un gran sonido cubano!”

The name Pellejo Seco is partly a tribute to the hard lives of farm workers and their sun-scorched skin, and it’s also Havana street slang with multiple sexual allusions.  “I wanted to leave behind traditional Cuban band names and have something happier – I don’t want everything to be serious, I want people to laugh,” says Camblor.

Enganchate was their first album, an independent production distributed by CD Baby, in 2006.  “We’re the only Cuban septet in California that maintains the tradition of writing new music in the son style,” Camblor says.   The title can be loosely translated to mean “Grab On”. As you listen to this album, you will definitely want to grab onto the exciting roller coaster of musical themes and genres which winds you through a world full of complex energetic dance rhythms and beautiful love ballads. All the music on this album is composed by Ivan Camblor Allende.

Pellejo Seco’s second album is Despierta, with Chuchito Valdés on piano (CD Baby 2008). Their third is called Cuba Canta Pellejo Seco, a compilation of songs written by Ivan Camblor played by bands that revolutionized Cuban music in the 20th century, including Orchestra Aragon, El Septeto Nacional de Ignacio Pineiro, La Sonora Matanzera and Conjunto Chapotin. Their latest album is comprised of boleros sung by Sulkary Valverde Chibas, called Mood of the Bay.


Ivan Camblor-Tres/Vocals
Mario Silva-Trumpet/Vocals
Antonio Cortada-Bass/Vocals
Sulkary Valverde-Main -Vocal
Danilo Vitorte -Percussion/Vocals

Award Ceremony 3:10 - 3:30

During this time we will be giving out the Cesar Chavez Award. 

Zebop - Carlos Santana Tribute Band 3:30 - 4:30

ZEBOP! is the Swiss Carlos Santana Cover Band! Back in 2017 after 5 years break! 

Susana Y Su Orquesta Adelante 4:50 - 5:50

Susana Y Su Orquesta Adelante will be bringing on the salsa to end the Cesar Chavez Day Festival.